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MR-H5B ring block wear

Serial number project name Specifications, parameters and indicators 1 Maximum test force ( kN) 5 2 Test force

MR-H5A ring block wear

Main technical specifications and parameters Maximum test force: 5000N Spindle speed range: 100~1500r/min stepless adjustable Test force leverage ratio: 10:1 Friction rod

MR-H3B high speed ring

Maximum test force: 3kN Test force accuracy: more than 10% of the maximum test force , the relative error of the test force indication shall not exceed ±1% , and the

MR-H3A high speed ring

Serial number Term   project   name   called Specifications, parameters and

MR-C1 gear wear testing

Main technical specifications and parameters MR-C1 gear wear testing machine Maximum torque: 1kNm Maximum load level: 13 level Temperature control error: +-2 Degree C Drive

MM-U5G (10G) screen

Serial number Main technical specifications MM-U5G MM-U10G 1 Test force range 1 to 5kN 1 to

Technical indicator / test machine model LW-1000 LW-2000 LW-3000 Maximum test force

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