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Sound Level Meter 30~130

* Microphone:1/2 inch electret condenser * Display:3 1/2 digits LCD display * Resolution:0.5dB* Sampling time:0.5 second* Time Weighting:FAST 125ms??????? SLOW 1

Sound Level Meter 30~130

* Measuring Level: 30-130dB (A) , 35-130dB (C) * With Software CD & USB Cable, for recording date into your PC( only for model BE844)* Level Ranges:

Sound Level Meter

* Frequency range:31.5Hz to 8KHz * Measuring range:(28)30-130dB* Frequency Weighting:A/C * Microphone:1/2 inch polarization capacitance microphone *


* Rugged 5-in-1 environmental tester with tripod mount* Large dual LCD simultaneous display of Real-time Value and MAX/MIN/AVG/DIF(MAX-MIN) Value* Data Hold,

Digital Sound Noise

* Measuring Range: 30 ~ 130dBA * Accuracy: 1.5dB * Resolution: 0.1dB * Frequency Range: 31.5HZ ~ 8.5KHZ * Frequency Weighting:

Digital Sound Level

* Sound pressure accuracy: ±1.5dB(sound pressure standard, 94dB@1kHz* Sound pressure accuracy: ±5dB(sound pressure standard, 94dB@8kHz* Sound pressure

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