SmartScan 5030 Xray Inspection System

Categories: X-Ray
Section:Xray Security Scanner


High-End image performance system
with Advanced material identification
: With the dual-energy technology,
the SmartScan Xray security system can
easily identify material and categorize it
based on the arrangement: organic material
(orange), inorganic (blue), mixture and
lighter metal (green), which assists in
detecting drug and explosive powder.


Sharp objects and dangerous goods
detection and alarm notification
The ability to instantly detect sharp objects
and dangerous goods and send alarm
notifications on the monitor screen.
Detection Sensitivity can be adjusted by
operators anytime based on the standard
safety requirement.




High-Speed and real-time digital signal
: The process includes three
phases: Image recurrence that displays the
previous images and processes any one of
them; Image restoration that restores
image to initial status and Image storage
that stores any image in real-time and
processes it in operation status.




Automatic high and Low penetration
: High penetration display increases
the contrast of the bright area in image to
make the area that is easy to penetrate
appear more clearly. Low penetration
display increases the contrast of dark area
in image to make the difficult-to-penetrate
area appear more clearly.

General Specifications
Tunnel size                     500 (W) x 300 (H) [mm]
Conveyor Max Load         150 kg             
Conveyor speed              0.22 m/s
Single inspection dosage  < 1.32ìGy          
Wire Resolution      0.0787 mm metal line (40AWG)
Penetration resolution  0.254 mm
Spatial Resolution 1.0 mm Horizontal, 1.0 mm Vertical
Steel Penetration   38 MM armor plate
Film Safety            For ISO 1600

Image Performance System    
Display      High resolution 1920x1080; 24-bit Color real time image processing
Monitor    22" LED Display

Edge enhancement   Object contour edge is more distinct

Super image enhancement 
Image detail is more distinct 

High penetration display   
  Increase the contrast of bright area in image to make the area that is
easy to penetrate appear more clearly

Low penetration display  
Increase the contrast of dark area in image to make the area that is
difficult to penetrate appear more clearly

Partial magnifying function

Increase/Decrease brightness of image

Image recurrence 
Display the previous images and process each of them

Image restoration
Restore image to initial status

Image storage   Real-time store any image and process it in operation status



Network interface: LAN support and
able to perform multi-terminal check for
baggages at the same time.
* Safety xray control
* One-key shutdown control
* Environmental protection design
* Energy-saving design: The conveyor
belt can be set to automatically run only
when object is present.
* Easy learning and operation: Userfriendly
* Super large image storage: 1,000,000
pictures in real time

The SmartScan 5030 is one of high-end
line of Parcel, Baggage and Luggage
Xray Inspection System that meets and exceeds
the needs of airports, stations, customs,
ports, mailrooms, embassies, stadiums,
exhibitions, courthouses, hospitals, prisons
and other government as well as
commercial locations.


 The safety benefit features of the
SmartScan 5030 include Low Xray
leakage dose rate that assures safety of the
operators and the public. All of the
SmartScan Xray security system
carefully engineered to reach the minimal Xray
leakage. The environment radiation
dose rate around the device is close to the
natural background and complies with all
published National/International standards