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Section:Xray Security Scanner


Product Info :

XSCAN-7000 is attachment automatic equipment. It can a fine point PCB product skill, STACK VIA, NMBI(Nero Manhattan Bump Interconnection), Flip-Chip, BGA , etc that those are Aligh and attach.
Experience a life of efficiency make product by equipment suitable for advance a method of construction.


X-ray Tube Image analysis software and Utility program
Focus Size 5 μm
  • Real-time image processing
  • (Shape Calibration)
  • Precise inspection : distance, area, pseudo 3D display & coloring
  • Image data base function
  • Manual testing function
  • (PLC, Frame grabber, X-ray)
  • Visual error messaging
  • Image saving and printing function
  • Auto-Scaling function
  • 2-Level User Mode
  • Image guide line display (Image window)
Max. 250μA / 90kV / 10W
Geometric Enlargement Ratio 2x to 15x
Aging(Preheating) Automatic
X-ray shield box and others
Dimension and Weight 3100㎜ x 1550㎜ x 1922㎜ [W x D x H], 2500kg
Externally leaking dose 10uSv/h or less
Power Supply 220VAC10% 50/60Hz

Main Feature :

High Resolution Alignment (2㎛)
Simulation for Re-Inspection
Statistical Product Management
Auto Calibration
Closed-Type Tube
Measurement / Analysis Software