Bench Scale E8A Roller Comparator Lamp

Categories: Timbangan Industri
Section:Timbangan Platform



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•    Display indicator bright LED display 2 “ height . Display ” BIG EYES“
•    Applied for check weighing function
•    Its show by indicating tower lamp 3 color :
     * RED for indication HIGH ( over weight )
     * GREEN for indication OK ( acceptable of tolerance weight )
     * YELLOW for indication LOW ( Less weight )
•    Indication light can choose static or blink and with or without buzzer
•    Optional relay output board (for applied to semi automatic filling / bagging weighing system)
•    Material of platform : Mild steel or stainless steel
•    Material of roller and the desk : Mild steel or stainless steel
•    Capacity, Size, and Dimension will design depend customer need
•    Features and specification of indicator, see the catalog of the indicator  
•    Power supply for indicator : AC/DC with built in rechargeable battery 6V/4AH  
•    Power supply for tower lamp : AC 220V , 50 Hz